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||The Jouzour Team|
Raoul Nehme

Profession : Chairman of the Executive Committe, AstroBank.
Education : Ecole Polytechnique de Paris & Ecole des Mines de Paris.

Magda Bou Dagher Kharrat
Vice President

Profession:Head of Life and Earth Department,Faculty of Science,St Joseph University.

Education :PhD in plant molecular biology, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, HDR, Universite Paris-Sud.

Hani Hoyek

Profession :Business Development, BLC Bank.
Education : Grande Ecole de Commerce EM Lyon.

Hiba Aboulhosn
Communications & Media

Profession: Communication and PR Consultant, Partner "Keep it simple" communications agency.
Education: Master in communication, Edinburgh University.

Rami Kozhaya
Project Management

Profession: Alternative Delivery Channels - Bank Audi.
Education: MBA - Management of Financial institutions,USJ - Sorbonne - Paris Dauphine.

Joelle Saab
Committee Member

Education: MS in Environmental Sciences & Management, Universite St. Joseph

Tony Chahine
Site Controller

Profession: Site Controller, Jouzour Loubnan

Education: MS Agricultural Engineering, Lebanese University.

Rida Boutros
Project Coordinator

Profession: Project Coordinator, Jouzour Loubnan

Education: Masters in Biodiverity: Management and Conservation of Natural Resources, Lebanese University.

Riad Mouawad
Art Director

Profession: Creative Director & Partner, BlackInk - visual communication
Education: Graphic Design, Notre Dame University

Farid Maalouf
Engineering Consultant

Profession: General Manager, Metcon United
Education: Civil Engineer, ESIB

Ghada Zeaiter
Fadi Nassif
General Secretary
Frederic Khalil

Profession: Managing Partner, BEAR
Education: MBA, University St Joseph & Paris Dauphine

Charles El Hage

Profession: Retired as Senior Vice-president, Booz & Company
Education: MS in Industrial Engineering & Bachelor Industrial Management,
Purdue University, Indiana, USA


Ending the year with College Melkart students and Les Genevriers de Melkart club by launching their green projects and announcing the winners of their magnificent drawings, photos, poems and works for the #JouzourLoubnan contest! Congratulations to the winners!


With 15$ ONLY you can adopt a Cedar and we will plant it for you and protect it until it is independant!

FOR YOUR DONATIONS click on ADOPT A CEDAR or call us on 71 124000


Join our public plantation campaigns by joining our mailing list below.

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